Friday, March 28, 2014

Progress in Lusaka

Wednesday March 26 through Friday March 28 where productive work days here in Lusaka. Consistent temperatures in the 80’s and partly sunny to clear skies day after day. We have been blessed with dry weather. As I post this entry Friday evening, we are happy to report that everyone is doing well, having a great time, and the progress on the Conference Center is well ahead of schedule. We still have two more work days on Saturday and next Monday and at this point we have completed all but a small fraction of the wooden ceiling grids for the 11 suites and hallways still needing ceilings. Thanks to the exception pace being set by the painters including Jillian, Mike and Lindsey, all the bare walls in the building are now painted (3 coats) and many of the ceiling panels are painted and ready for installation. By this evening several rooms have ceiling panels installed.

I cannot say enough how much we all appreciate the work of Connie, Jean, Kendra and Eva in preparing all our meals and keeping up with the mounds of laundry that accumulate every day. With everyone still feeling a bit jet lagged and most of us still having a little trouble sleeping during the appropriate hours, I think we all are looking forward to a day of rest Sunday when we will visit a local church in the morning and tour and shop in the afternoon.

The Sidles are taking great care of us and are a wonderful family to work with. Gary Sidle returned from an international conference Friday. So we were in the privileged position of welcoming one of our missionaries back to Zambia. We look forward to visiting with Gary during the second week of our trip.

Please enjoy a few more pictures from Zambia and on personal notes, Jean Taylor and Eve Vega both wish to tell their friends and families “Hi from Zambia”.


  1. Thanks for all the good reports. Glad everyone is doing so well. Love, love, love seeing the pictures!!! Will you all be able to get Internet to see any of the final four

  2. We should get home Saturday afternoon so Mike will see at least part of it.